Discount Hotel in Las Vegas

Finding great Finding Las Vegas Discount Hotel Rooms

If you have given thought to taking a Las Vegas vacation recently, then you may have worried over the price of hotel rooms in the city. It is true that you will definitely want to stay at the heart of the Strip to have the best possible time. It is also true that rates for such rooms can be fairly expensive, but at the same time, it is certainly possible to find Las Vegas discount hotel rates. Don't dismiss hotels like the Venetian, Bally's, or MGM Grand as simply too expensive. If you know when to check, you might find that these five star legendary hotels are more affordable than you ever thought.

Getting a Las Vegas discount hotel room is probably far less difficult than you may think. It is true that rates on hotel rooms can be quite expensive in Vegas, but it is also true that rates can be drastically cut at times by specials and exclusive deals. The key to finding these deals is in timing. The slower business is on the Strip, the more likely you are to encounter some of these deals on Las Vegas discount hotel rooms. The hotels want to keep their rooms full so that the casinos continue to do a brisk business. This is why you can find Las Vegas discount hotel rooms at even the most exclusive five star hotels on the Strip, including establishments like the Venetian or MGM Grand. Five star Las Vegas hotels are usually going to have a website, and this is an excellent place to check for exclusives and special deals.

So when is the best time to find exclusive deals on five star hotels? Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are usually the best times. If you can get out of town on those days, you stand a good chance of finding Las Vegas discount hotel rates at even the most popular hotels. Early in the week during slower times, you can find Las Vegas discount hotel rooms at five star hotels for prices similar to that of a Motel 6. This is a great way to get a room right in the middle of the action, right at the center of the Strip.

Once you secure a room, make sure to bargain for the best possible accomodations while you're there. If you feel comfortable doing so, tip the desk clerk. This is a great way to the best possible accomodations in the hotel. Ask for a corner room, away from noisy neighbors. Corner rooms usually have a great view as well, and tend to be slightly larger. This usually comes at no extra cost, and can be yours if you simply ask. Should a corner room not be available, ask to be placed as far from noisy areas like elevator lobbies as possible.

Finding great Las Vegas discount hotel rooms doesn't have to mean staying at a sleazy hotel off the Strip. Have patience and do some research on hotels that are available. If you can take the time to check around, you will probably be genuinely surprised at some of the incredible deals that are being offered out there. With this information offered online for all to see, it is easy to track down Las Vegas discount hotel rooms. Finding Las Vegas discount hotel rates has never been easier, especially with websites having appeared that work specifically to help you in this area.